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Water and Sediment Quality Data Portal

Parameter Descriptions: Data describing six types of water and sediment quality parameters can be accessed via the Galveston Bay Water and Sediment Quality Data Portal:

Water Quality:

  • Conventional parameters (temperature, salinity, pH, etc.)
  • Nutrients (ammonia, nitrate-nitrite, total phosphorus, etc.)
  • Pathogens (fecal coliform bacteria, E. coli, Enterococci)

Sediment Quality:

  • Industrial organics (naphthalene, PCBs, etc.)
  • Organic pesticides (chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, lindane)
  • Heavy metals (Arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, etc.)


 How to Access the Data:

STEP 1: Select a Subbay or Tributary

STEP 2: Select a parameter 

thumbnail image of the Water and Sediment Quality Data Portal map

thumbnail image of water and sediment parameter dropdown menu

STEP 3: Click on bar to view chart

STEP 4: Download Dataset for current selection

thumbnail image of parameter chart

thumbnail image of parameter data and download option










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