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Galveston Bay Colonial Nesting Waterbird Indicator

The indicator describing colonial waterbird nesting pair populations in Galveston Bay was initially created by the Galveston Bay Status and Trends project in 2005.The indicator below summarizes twenty-year trends (1990-2009) in population abundance for 17 species of colonial waterbirds grouped by feeding guild (marsh or open water feeders) and nesting habitat (tree or ground nesting species). Trends were identified as significantly decreasing or increasing (R2 ≥ 0.5) or moderately decreasing or increasing (0.5 ≥ R2 ≥ 0.25).  

Of the 17 species summarized by the indicator, significant declining trends in nesting pairs were found for black-crowed night heron and great blue heron. Moderately decreasing trends exist for tri-colored heron, white-faced ibis, reddish egret, neotropic cormorant and sandwich tern. A significantly increasing trend continues for brown pelican nesting pairs.  



colonial waterbird indicator legend


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