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The State of the Bay: A Characterization of the Galveston Bay Ecosystem, Third Edition (2011)



Status and Trends Final Reports for Project Years 2007-2008




Galveston Bay Issue Papers

The following is a volume of issue based and geographically focused watershed papers describing the Galveston Bay Estuary and watershed. The issue papers were written by Dr. Jim Lester and Ms. Lisa Gonzalez in 2005 for the Galveston Bay Estuary Program. The issue papers utilize data, and graphics developed by Status and Trends Project and Galveston Bay Indicators Project. All data were processed under the Quality Assurance Project Plan developed by the Status and Trends Project.

The papers are meant to provide readers with information regarding the issues facing the Lower Galveston Bay Watershed, its natural resources, and the human population living along its shores.

Topic-Based Issue Papers Geographically Focused Watershed Papers
Freshwater Inflows and Circulation (128KB) Gulf Margin (27KB)
Habitat Protection (502KB) Houston Bayous I (235KB)
Public Health (276KB) Houston Bayous II (224KB)
Shoreline (306KB) Houston Bayous III (224KB)
Species Protection (125KB) Lower Galveston Bay I (283KB)
Spills and Dumping (125KB) Lower Galveston Bay II (26KB)
  Trinity Bay (27KB)


Status and Trends Final Report for Project Years 2004-2006

Full Report : Status and Trends-2004-2006 Full Report (3.02MB)

The final report can also be downloaded as sections:

Section 1: Title Pages (225 KB)
Section 2: Executive Summary (78 KB)
Section 3: Introduction (98 KB)
Section 4: Water and Sediment Quality (1.2MB)
Section 5: Coastal Fisheries (206KB)
Section 6: Habitat (839KB)
Section 7: Data Gaps Assessment (108 KB)
Section 8: Other Indicators of Bay Health (4669 KB)
Section 9: Outreach (398 KB)
Section 10: Conclusion, References, Appendix (81 KB)


The 2005 Galveston Bay Indicators Final Report

Full Report : Indicators-2005 Final Report (2.57 MB)
Executive Summary: Indicators-2005 Executive Summary (216 KB)
Review Draft Final Report Review (344 KB)


The Status and Trends Final Report for the Year 2003

The Full Final report can be downloaded as a PDF file or as a Zip file.

Full Report : Status and Trends-2003 Full Report (1.95MB)
Zipped Report: Status and Trends-2003 Full Report-Zipped (1.79MB)

The final report can also be downloaded as sections:

Section 1-1: Table Of Contents (178KB)
Section 1-2: Introduction (124KB)
Section 2: Data Acquisition (5.57MB)
Section 3: Data Validation (119KB)
Section 4-1: Water Quality Data Analysis (616KB)
Section 4-2: Sediment Quality Data Analysis (232KB)
Section 4-3a: Fisheries Trends (402KB)
Section 4-3b: Fisheries Biodiversity Trends (231KB)
Section 4-4: Public Health-TDH (56KB)
Section 4-5: Oil Spill Analysis (41KB)
Section 5-6: Conclusion (51KB)
Section 7: References (22KB)
Section 8: Appendices (77KB)



Quiet Invasion Update: Invasive Plants of the Houston-Galveston Region

April 2011 (PDF 6.95 MB)


Potential Effects of Oil Spill on Galveston Bay

thumbnail image of potential oil spill impacts presentation

July 2010 (PDF 4.41 MB)



State of the Bay Symposium Plenary Presentation

thumnail image of Status & Trends 2009 presentation

January 2009 (PDF 2.95 MB)





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